Online Self Help

Therapy Assisted Online

Want to gain more knowledge about a particular mental health or well-being topic?

TAO is an online self-help library that all UBC students have access to. TAO may be helpful for students who are looking for support independently and/or feel that they may not have time in their busy schedule to make an appointment with a health professional.

TAO has a variety of topics such as Imposter Syndrome, Perfectionism, Sleep Problems, Anxiety, Depression, and more

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Canvas Course – Transition to University Learning

Feeling challenged by the transition to university learning? Dr. Peter Ostafichuk has created a series of online modules that students can work through to gain fundamental skills to be academically successful in engineering. Topics include:

•Mindset & Grit
•Learning Perspectives
•How Learning Works
•Healthy Body, Healthy Brain
•Managing Stress

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