Mental Health and Wellbeing at Faculty of Applied Science

Health includes taking care of yourself every day, understanding that challenges are normal, and knowing what to do when you don’t feel well.

Gordon Lai, Faculty of Applied Science Embedded Counsellor

Gordon Lai
The APSC counsellor, Gordon Lai, is an alumnus of UBC and has previously worked at other post-secondary institutions providing counselling support to students. He is excited to support our students in their academic and personal success.

Gordon Lai, M.Ed is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who is “embedded” in the Faculty of Applied Science and is specialized in helping Faculty of APSC students. Gordon provides workshops and outreach support tailored specifically to the concerns that Faculty of Applied Science students commonly experience. He can also meet students individually to find out more about their particular concerns and work collaboratively to make a wellness plan that is right for them.

Students can book an appointment to speak with Gordon about any concerns that might be impacting their personal, academic, or professional lives.

To book an appointment with Gordon, please call Counselling Services at 604-822-3811 and indicate that you are a Faculty of Applied Science student.
If you are faculty or staff and would like to book a consultation with Gordon, please email directly at

Gordon’s office is located at the Paper and Pulp Centre, 2385 East Mall. Gordon’s office hours are: Monday-Friday 8:30-4:00pm

More about Counselling at UBC

As a UBC student, you are working to achieve your academic goals and make a positive contribution to your world, while coping with challenges that can impact your capacity to learn and thrive. At times, you may feel overwhelmed and need to reach beyond your usual sources support for a new perspective, to help you make changes in your life. At UBC you have a lot of different kinds of supports available for your mental health and wellbeing.

Counsellors are located at various locations on campus – at the main Counselling Services Centre, as well as “embedded” in several faculties and departments.

UBC Counsellors respect that students have unique personalities, cultures and experiences and they strive to bring a multicultural, anti-oppressive, social-justice orientation to the counselling process.
Students often seek counselling for help with decision-making, navigating family and social relationships, major transitions, and identity development. Counselling can also help students who are experiencing mental health concerns including depression, anxiety, and the impacts of traumatic experiences. Counsellors at UBC also specialize in helping students overcome issues that cause academic distress such as procrastination, exam anxiety, perfectionism, and problems with attention and motivation.

The counsellor who is embedded in the Faculty of Applied Science, is a member of the Counselling Services team and can help you navigate the full range of services that are available to you. You are also able to connect with UBC Counselling Services Centre for a full range of on-campus supports including Wellness Advising, Same-day Single-session appointments, brief counselling and group therapy programs.

No matter what issues you want to address, UBC counselling staff will get to know you and find out what kind of support will work best in your particular situation. Sometimes a single session is enough for now, to give you some new tools and new ways of thinking about your problem. Sometimes a group therapy program or a brief course of individual counselling sessions would be most helpful.

Additional Resources for UBC Students

  • Visit Student Health Services to see a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional on campus
  • Check out Health and Wellbeing at UBC to explore a range of resources
  • Get resources for coping with the mental health challenges of Covid-19
  • UBC Student Assistance program offers a free 24/7 counselling and life coaching service, accessible anywhere in the world. The service is offered in multiple languages by phone, video-counselling, and more.
  • At the UBC Wellness Centre you can get tips and resources on stress, studying and navigating university life

Help a Friend

Find information here about how to help if you’re concerned about a friend who is feeling hopeless or thinking of harming themselves.

Crisis Support

If you need crisis support or you’re currently in distress, the following resources are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week: