FAQ: COVID-19 and Engineering Student Services, Engineering Co-op, and Professional Development

Updated: May 27, 2020, 4:15pm:

The Engineering Student Services, Engineering Co-op, and Professional Development teams are continuing to follow UBC guidelines for social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

No in-person appointments or meetings are currently available, but all services are continuing. We are making every effort to serve students as before, using online and phone appointments instead of in-person appointments.

We are aware that you are all dealing with an unprecedented situation. We are here to support you – please know that these are uncharted territory for all staff and faculty who are working diligently to assist you in managing these changes.

Please keep safe, wash your hands, and – with a bit of patience for each other – we’ll all get through this together.

The FAQs below are for engineering students at the Vancouver campus. Information for School of Engineering students at the Okanagan campus can be found at FAQs – School of Engineering. For all other information relating to COVID-19 and UBC, please continue to go to www.ubc.ca.

  • Our physical offices are closed, but all services are continuing as usual

  • Our regular hours of operations remain 8:30am-4:30pm

  • Most workshops and events have been moved to an online delivery for the fall. This includes:
  • More information on events happening in semester two (January-April) will be announced once UBC has provided more guidance on whether classes and activities on campus will move back to in person delivery
  • Reach out to the programs directly for more information if needed (see above for contact information)

  • Teams should not work together in person at this time. Planned face-to-face team activities should be cancelled until further notice
  • Teams should only be in their work space to secure valuables, and teams should do this in groups of no more than two students at a time. During this process, students should observe recommended guidelines for preventing the spread of infections including; frequent handwashing, wiping down common surfaces, and avoiding participating to shared spaces if unwell
  • Students are reminded of safe working practices, and should not engage in work alone
  • Where possible, students are encouraged to work, collaborate and meet to discuss team projects using online, video conferencing and other electronic tools where possible, and hold team meetings remotely

  • We understand how important student competitions are to our design teams, and we understand that teams have been working all year towards these competitions. However, we ask that you postpone plans for travel to large gatherings in BC and outside the province. It is wise to assume that most competitions may be cancelled or postponed until a future date
  • At this time student teams should avoid making any further plans (including travel) for participating in student competitions until further notice

  • At this time we are recommending that students avoid all unnecessary and non-essential travel until further notice
  • Students are encouraged to work with organizers to determine if there are alternative ways to participate in events, such as attending presentations online

  • We have identified a space which can be used temporarily to store items for teams where safe and secure storage is not accessible as part of their normal work space. Please note: at the time when the Faculty resumes its operation at full capacity, this space will return to its original purpose and all stored items will be returned to owners.
  • In order to access this space we ask that you:
    • Contact Richard Colwell, Safety Officer, by email (richard.colwell@ubc.ca)
    • Create a separate list of all items the team wishes to store, have 2 copies, one for the team and one for Richard
    • Ensure they are labeled with the team name and contact number (clearly), ideally in boxes or easy to stack bins