About UBC Engineering

Engineering undergraduate and graduate programs at one of the world’s leading universities has a large international student body, UBC Engineering students come from 100+ countries with 21% international students in Vancouver and 12% international students in Okanagan.

UBC has 26,468 Engineering alumni in 120 countries.

A rich undergraduate experience

UBC Engineering has 27 student design teams competing both nationally and internationally, with multiple award-winning teams :

  • Concrete Toboggan
  • Formula UBC
  • Open Robotics
  • Snowbots
  • Steel Bridge
  • SUBC
  • Sustaingineering UBC
  • Thunderbots FC
  • UBC AeroDesign
  • UBC Baja
  • UBC Biomedical Student Team (BEST)
  • UBC Chem-E-Car
  • UBC Concrete Canoe
  • UBC Envision
  • UBC Formula Electric
  • UBC Launch Pad
  • UBC Mars Colony
  • UBC Orbit
  • UBC Rapid
  • UBC RocketUBC Sailbots
  • UBC Solar
  • UBC Supsermileage
  • UBC Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • UBC WasteNauts

Vantage One Engineering

For international students, the UBC Vantage College offers a unique first-year university program called Vantage One. The program combines one year of academic degree-focused credits with intensive academic English preparation.


Providing our students with professional employment skills.

Expanding opportunities for interaction with diverse stakeholders.

Travel, build your network, and expand your resume with the Coordinated International Experience, all while completing courses required for your degree.


Local, national and international placements. The Faculty of Applied Science at the University of British Columbia is home to the largest co-operative education program in Western Canada, with support for students in Vancouver and the Okanagan with UBC Engineering Co-op students working in 26 countries.

Engineering co-op program provides opportunities to explore various career paths in relevant, technical and paid work. UBC Co-op Engineering undergraduates alternate five relevant, technical and paid work terms with eight academic terms over a five-year period.


The Engineering Design Centre (EDC) is a student-focused facility supporting engineering design activities at UBC. The EDC is a dedicated student space to put classroom learning into practice, housing a number of engineering student teams, various prototyping, fabrication and prototyping spaces, a classroom level for group-oriented design courses, and spaces for studying, collaboration and events.

Flipped classroom instruction

Emphasis on student learning supported by teaching technology