Centre for Accessibility

The Centre for Accessibility (CFA) facilitates disability-related accommodations and programming initiatives designed to remove barriers for students with disabilities and ongoing medical conditions in all aspects of university life. Students must register with the Centre for Accessibility to access their accommodations.

Why You Should Connect with the CFA

  • Learn how your disability or ongoing medical condition impacts your learning and participation in UBC activities 
  • Connect with an advisor if you receive disability-related accommodations at your previous school
  • Discuss your disability-related considerations for housing, funding, or admission at UBC
  • If you’ve already registered with the Centre for Accessibility but your circumstances have changed, or you need to request a new academic concession or disability accommodation

To learn more visit the Centre for Accessibility website.

You can also view UBC’s Disability Accommodation policy (Policy LR7) and the Policy LR7 FAQ.