Request for Transfer Credits

Congratulations on your admission to UBC Engineering!

Once a student has accepted his/her offer of admission to UBC Engineering, transfer credits are assessed to see if applicable towards the BASc degree.

To find out if you have received transfer credits applicable to your BASc degree, please review your Student Service Centre (SSC):
Grades & Records tab => Transfer Credits => Indicate UBC Vancouver on the drop-down menu.

Assessment of Other Courses for Transferability

You may also have various unassigned transfer credits (for example, CPSC 1st (3 credits) PHYS 1st (4 cr), SCIE 1st (3 cr), etc.) These unassigned credits may be applicable to the engineering curriculum.  To determine if these unassigned credits are applicable towards the BASc degree, you will need to submit a Request for Assessment of Transfer Credits Form.

Upon evaluation, if it is determined that you have credits transferable to specific courses for the BASc degree, you may not need to take the courses for which you receive transfer credits.

STEPS to Request Assessment of Unassigned Transfer Credits:

  1. Carefully read the following:
  2. Download and complete the Request for Assessment of Transfer Credits Form
  3. Gather all course outlines/syllabi* for courses you are requesting consideration of transfer credits. Please ensure course outlines/syllabi are official outlines from the specific time when you took the course(s). These are not documents created by yourself but rather are official documents that are usually provided by the instructor. Course outlines must include textbook(s) used, grading scheme, learning outcomes, etc.
  4. Email your request with the above attachments (#2 & 3) to
    Subject heading: Request for T/C + Name + UBC Student #.
    Note: Emails without UBC Student # cannot be properly identified and thus will not be reviewed.

It is important to note that the transfer credit assessment process is dependent upon the availability of our campus partners. Expected average turnaround time from time of request to notification of outcome from UBC is approximately 4 to 6 weeks. We appreciate your patience in this process.

If you need further clarification regarding next steps, please contact Engineering Student Services (ESS) at: or by phone at (604) 822–6556.