2nd Year Placement: (form will open mid-February)

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Ready for your second year at UBC Engineering Vancouver?

Here are your next steps to prepare for 2nd-year.

Step 1: Explore - departments and programs: 

Regardless of the industry or field your passion lies within, you can practice your specialty within an ever growing diversity of industries. 


Step 2: Submit your preference

Click on the button below to access the Program Preference form for 2nd year placement. It will be available for you to fill in/update/change from February 15th until the deadline of ;APRIL 30th. If you do not see a button below, the form is closed.  

  1. Log in to the form with your CWL (Campus Wide Login).

  2. Check your information on the form – correct in your SSC account if necessary.

  3. Rank your preferences.

  4. Support your 1st choice: Tell us why you think you should be considered for your program of choice.

  5. Registration information from UBC has not yet been released so the following are general guidelines/dates.  This will be updated by the start of the placement process.  Placements for current UBC Engineering students will be made in by June 30 and your registration should be early-mid July. Students transferring into UBC Engineering in 2nd-year will be placed over the summer, after you have been admitted to UBC. Check your account for your placement and registration date/time.

  6. And remember, in our last round, over 90% of students got their first or second choice.

Step 3: Check our Frequently Asked Questions