You can get selected Microsoft operating system, server and development tool software for your home use. 

DreamSpark supports teaching and learning, and it can not be used for any commercially related purpose.
Getting an account

UBC Engineering undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for accounts. You must register the first time to enable your account.

  • Registering for a DreamSpark account:

    • Enter your UBC Student number as your username, click Continue then follow the prompts to complete the registration process Kivuto will send you an email with your registration information.

    • Click register on the left side of the page.

    • Click Sign In on the top right side of the page.

    • Click on the download site link above, to launch the site in a new window.

    • Logging into your DreamSpark account:

      • Make sure you use the latest account information from Kivuto to sign in.

Note: Every year, all accounts are wiped in the first week in September. Once the new student information is available and set up on the server, students will then need to re-register to enable their accounts. 

Obtaining software
  • Information on obtaining software can be found in the Help section (click on Help in the top right corner of the window). Read this carefully as conditions concerning downloading and product keys may have changed.

  • Be aware that most of these products are very large in size and will require extended time to download. Please note the download times listed under Product Details, and schedule the download accordingly.

  • The home page contains the current list of available Microsoft products (this may change periodically).

Note: Microsoft Office is not offered under the DreamSpark Program. 

(DreamSpark replaced the former Microsoft Developer Network - Academic Alliance)