Registration Steps

All engineering students use standard timetables (STT) to register their core courses. You will select an STT to register your core courses and then add your electives to that timetable (new students should also check their Registration Guide).

  1. Remember to select the correct session code – usually 20XX Winter (top right corner).
  2. Find the STT for your year and program** on the Student Service Centre. 1st and 2nd year students can check the registration guides for further help.
  3. Find a schedule that suits your needs – depending on your registration date, some STTs may no longer be available. Have a few alternative options.
  4. Add electives to your schedule. You can only add these to your schedule after you have selected an STT.
  5. Register in both Term 1 and Term 2 courses.
  6. Drop courses from your STT if you have received credit or an exemption from that course.
  7. If you want to take more credit than the system allows, contact Engineering Student Services.
  8. Remember to register at your appointed time. You can change your registration until the second week of September and January to add or drop courses (check the add/drop deadlines).
  9. Read the Frequently Asked Questions for common registration issues.
  10. UBC has tutorials for registration help too.
  11. Check prerequisites and corequisite courses listed in your course descriptions. If you are not permitted to register for a course, you need to obtain permission from the department or instructor that offers the course. It’s your responsibility to have the prerequisites before taking a course.

** Electrical & Computer engineering students will register in courses individually in their 3rd and 4th year, without using an STT.

What should I do if a course is full?

  1. Register in a waitlist (if one is available)
  2. Check the course/section fairly frequently to see if seats have become available. Other students may change their registration and you could pick up the course they dropped.
  3. For ‘APSC’ specific courses, please contact Engineering Student Services. For engineering department/program courses, please contact the department/program.
  4. Each unit/department/program has different ways to deal with full courses, so checking their website first may help direct you to the best way to get into a particular course. For MATH/CHEM/PHYS courses, see below:
    a) For MATH course registration, visit the Math registration page for more information.
    b) For CHEM course registration, please visit the CHEM Registration FAQ page.
    c) For PHYS course registration, place yourself on the waitlist.
  5. And remember, registration and changes take place until the 2nd week of September or January, depending on the term. So there is time to still find the couse you need or alternatives.

Welcome & Registration Guides

These helpful Welcome & Registration Guides will guide you step-by-step through the process of registering for UBC courses for the first time. They contain information on everything you need to get started in the Faculty of Applied Science.

1st Year
2nd Year Transfers:

Tuition & Registration Video Tutorials

Varsity Athletes

We understand the challenges you may face in trying to schedule your classes so they don’t clash with your training schedule. We can help with your registration.

One week before your year level’s registration start, email Engineering Student Services ( your name, student number, varsity training schedule, and the courses with your preferred sections or the preferred standard timetable (STT) with the sections you need to switch, and they will assist you in this process.

Registration/Change of Registration Form
Undergraduates should use this form to add or drop a course if online registration has closed or if they are auditing a course.