Professional Development Opportunities

There are several year-round professional development opportunities for students to enhance their skills and knowledge. These opportunities exist all around campus and beyond, ranging from student teams to UBC Peer Programs.

Co-ordinated International Exchange and Go Global

Co-ordinated International Exchange (CIE) makes it easier for students to study abroad by providing a pre-selected and pre-approved package of courses that will directly transfer back to their course requirements at UBC. Upon passing the preselected courses at the exchange university, students will receive a certificate confirming they have earned the equivalent of a minor from the partner university.

Go Global is UBC’s Exchange Program, catering to students from all Faculties. Go Global is partnered with over 200 universities and institutions worldwide, providing students with opportunities to take courses in anything they imagine, and truly Go Global.

Go Global is partnered with 59 universities offering engineering engineering programs, in countries ranging from Australia to Hong Kong to Israel.

Engineering Co-op

Co-operative education (Co-op) combines classroom learning with relevant practical work experience. Students can gain up to 20 months of paid, relevant and invaluable work experience, setting them up to jumpstart their careers.

Student Design Teams

Engineering Design Student Teams are groups of students who volunteer their time to work collaboratively on design projects and gain hands-on experience. Students can get to know the 23 teams at UBC who work on various projects such as human powered submarines, Formula race cars, autonomous robots, steel bridges, space satellites, concrete toboggans, and fuel efficient cars!

Mentoring Programs

Our Mentoring Programs in Engineering offer an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable insights into the engineering profession and to connect with academic and industry professionals. Throughout the academic year, students and mentors have the opportunity to attend networking events, meet other like-minded individuals and establish invaluable relationships in their time at UBC Engineering and beyond.

Peer Wellness Coaching

Become a support for your peers. As a Peer Wellness Coach you will be trained to offer personalized support to help others set goals, live well, and achieve success.

Work Learn Program

The Work Learn Program supports and subsidizes meaningful work experiences on campus that offer the opportunity for all current UBC students to develop your professional skills and learn in a work environment. From these experiences, you will gain mentorship opportunities, an expanded network, ownership and responsibility of work, self-awareness and reflection, as well as a chance to apply your knowledge in practical settings, contribute to personal learning goals and the University in a different way.

Peer Programs

Peer Programs is a network of student teams that strive to improve the UBC student experience through programs and events in areas like academics, careers, and personal development. These teams are structured, advised, and supported by UBC staff. They offer a great opportunity to build your own skills and experience through training and program implementation while giving back to the campus community.

UBC Recreation

UBC Recreation is always looking for great people to join its team of staff and volunteers. They offer a myriad of opportunities in areas like game management, event planning, sport officiating, human resources, public relations, facility supervision, marketing, program delivery and much more.

Undergraduate Research

You don’t need to wait until you finished your undergrad to get into research. There are plenty of ways you can get involved in research as an undergraduate, from NSERC grants to the Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference.

Community Service Learning

The Trek Program is a year long non-credit local community service learning program that combines weekly community service with on-campus learning opportunities. Through Trek, you can contribute to your community, gain real-world experience, and build lasting connections.

Monthly Opportunities


No opportunities


No opportunities


  • WiE’s Beyond the Elevator Pitch Networking Event on November 24th.
  • Become a UBC Delegate at the Congress 2016 Conference.
  • EUS Student and Industry Night on November 26th.
  • Volunteer with the UBC Engineering Open House on November 28th.
  • Planning to do Summer Research Abroad?


  • Student Leadership Conference on January 9th
  • UBC Model United Nations Conference from January 8th – 10th
  • Give Back and Apply to be a Student Leader with UBC Orientations
  • Apply to Work in Residence Life


  • Reading Week Community Projects


  • Attend the Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference
  • Apply for the $25,000 McEwen Family Applied Science Quality of Life Prize by March 2016.